WORDS FROM THE BELLE: Don’t Let FACEBOOK People Intimidate or Bully You!

by / 0 Comments / 98 View / April 20, 2015

The Belle behind the Mic2While FACEBOOK, is a great outlet to stay connected and stay updated with happenings and events, you still need to be careful.

On Joseph B “JoJo” Clark’s Facebook page, he wrote, “Half of your “friends” on social media are following you just because they are being NOSEY and so that they can have something to talk about! SOME really don’t like you, support you or really care for you. They are just being an audience and making comments and opinions based off what they see and think about you.. But this is what I say.. Don’t get mad or angry.. JUST..SMILE and GIVE THEM A SHOW. God WILL handle them.”

These are truly words we need to think about as many of us RUSH to accept everyone knocking on our FACEBOOK front door to be accepted as a friend.

PLEASE Understand…YOU DO NOT need to OR have to accept everyone or anyone trying to be accepted as your Friend on Facebook… ESPECIALLY WHEN you don’t know them!

Remember, you HAVE options! You can UN-Friend a person or SIMPLY BLOCK them. There is NO Law demanding that you accept Everyone or ANYONE to your Facebook Page, simply because they have a request in!

Additionally DON’T let anyone BULLY you into accepting them on your Facebook page. You don’t need to be dealing with DRAMA on your own time  and in your own personal space!

Take better care of you and protect your head space! PRESS!