Take Care of Your Headspace and Hold On To Your Faith

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Sheilah Belle - Digital 2016In life, there will always be the unexpected. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good!

When it’s good, everything else seems better. Little things that were bothering you can easily be overlooked, bypassed or even moved out of your mental space with a simple shrug of your shoulders.

However how do you handle that situation when someone’s life who is close to you is unexpectedly taken, when the doctor has given you a diagnose that makes you question “Is this a dream?”, when someone has lied on you and everyone believes the rumors over you, or when your money runs out and paying your mortgage or your rent now seems almost impossible?

For years you have been echoing the chant, “God is good All the time, and All the time God is good.” For years when you hear about others going through, you say, “I’m going to keep you in prayer,” and often our prayer for that person ends right there.

However, now it is you, who’s on the other end, in need or some sincere prayers. As James Cleveland has often said in his songs, “Where is your faith?”

Yessss, where is your faith, that we all say we have, until we are put in a situation and tested?

Peter, one of Jesus disciples, trusted Jesus so much, he got out of the boat and walked on water with HIM, until he looked around at the waves and stormy conditions and suddenly began to sink. “Oh ye of little faith”, said Jesus.

Just like Peter, yes we do have faith, but we are often distracted by the things of this world. We seem to have more faith in Martin or Baby Boy being played again on BET, or Empire coming on TV One on Thursday nights, than we do in trusting Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us.

WHY is that? How do you grow your faith when the world we live in seems to give you just a little less to hold on to each day!

Well, one way that you can build your faith is by holding on to what you believe. By having a relationship with God and witnessing so many things He has already done in your life, why would you doubt Him now.

In the books of Matthews, Mark, Luke and John, miracles after miracles are reported that Jesus performed by either touching someone, providing for a group of people or others simply believing and having faith and merely wanting to touch His clothing.

Jesus cured Peter’s mother-in-law of a fever
Jesus healed a leper
Jesus raised the widow’s son from the dead
Jesus stilled the storm
Jesus raised the ruler’s daughter from the dead
Jesus cured a woman of an issue of blood
Jesus opened the eyes of two blind men
Jesus loosened the tongue of a man who could not speak
Jesus restored a withered hand
Jesus cured a demon-possessed man
Jesus fed at least five thousand people
Jesus cured a deaf and mute man
Jesus fed at least four thousand people
Jesus opened the eyes of a blind man
Jesus cured a boy who was plagued by a demon
Jesus opened the eyes of a man born blind
Jesus cleansed ten lepers
Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead .
Jesus opened the eyes of two blind men
Jesus restored the ear of the high priest’s servant
Jesus rose from the dead

Yes, Jesus performed countless miracles back in the day and He is still performing miracles today.

He continues to have mercy over our lives and blesses us with Favor each day!

So whatever you may be going through, keep on trusting and believing that God will get you through. Hold on to your faith and keep your head space positive, knowing that Jesus Christ, paid it all.

Keep your surroundings, conversations and environment positive as you go through whatever you are going through.

My prayer for you is that God provides you the mental, physical and emotional strength to get through, whatever He has assigned for you to go through.

Just keep on holding on, as you see yourself going through, remember to see yourself coming out of on the other side!

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