Stone Soul 2019 Delivers Powerful Gospel Line Up

by / Comments Off on Stone Soul 2019 Delivers Powerful Gospel Line Up / 173 View / June 10, 2019

Richmond, VA (June 9, 2019) — Radio One Richmond, once again hosted its annual Stone Soul Music and Food Festival.  This year’s special Gospel guests included multiple award winners and Gospel recording artists John P. Kee, Jekalyn Carr and Gospel living legend Evg. Shirley Caesar.

Co-host Sheilah Belle “The Belle” opened up the evening with prayer, followed by Pastor John Pastor, who performed a medley of hit songs and also shared a few details about his upcoming documentary about his father and a television series he is also working on.  Syndicated Radio host of the Nightly Spirit Darlene McCoy also made an appearance and performed her hit song, Even Me.

Multi Award Winner, Author and Billboard top charting Jekalyn Carr was introduced next and took no time to elevate the anointing that was already present.  Singing her hit songs, “He’s Bigger,” “It’s Yours,” “Miracle Worker” and a few other favorites, church had officially started.

Jekalyn Carr
Evg Shirley Caesar, Pastor John P. Kee and The Belle

Wrapping things up before the performances transitioned over to R & B and Hip Hop for the evening was power house was Evg. Shirley Caesar. During an earlier interview with The Belle, she said she and her group were coming ready and they were. While she also performed many of her hits, it was an old favorite that stopped everyone in their tracks, giving the 80-year-old singer their undivided attention.  As she started singing “Jesus, Oh Jesus” and eventually made her way down to the floor with the crowd, it was a wrap! 

People immediately jumped up out of their seats to meet the singer at the front of the stage before she also walked up and down the aisles, and through a few rows. Eventually she was swallowed up by the crowd before she took refuge standing in one of the seats with the assistance of one of the security guards, as she continued to sing.   Cameras and I-phones were up everywhere, capturing every moment.

Gospel was truly represented well in the Commonwealth over the weekend with McCoy and JR Davis, also serving as co-hosts.