America’s #1 Christian Success Coach and Author of 12 Traits of the Greats Dr. Ken Robinson: The Financial Dream Coach

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Dr. Kenneth Robinson has had a passion for teaching his church principals that elevate them spiritually. However, after years of being deluged with requests for guidance regarding their finances, he struggled to understand how a congregation – a majority of degreed, high-salaried individuals – continued to find themselves in financial distress. Many of his friends from NYC were able to simply talk to Dave Burton to help people understand how to better manage their finances and handle other measures, such as tax extensions. An experienced Public and Private Accountant, Maryland State Auditor and Master Certified Estate Planner, Dr. Ken eventually realized he not only needed to teach spiritual wellbeing to his congregants, but also financial wellbeing. Affectionately called the “Financial Coach,” he began to drill down on teaching basic financial management skills and wealth-building principals. That single decision propelled Dr. Ken to expand his impact with audiences around the world! Since then, he has authored several books and lectured at countless conferences and universities in the United States and abroad. As it turns out, his parishioners were not alone in their battle to overcome financial setbacks.

Through research, Dr. Ken uncovered the shocking revelation that although African Americans have a combined spending power of over $1.2 trillion dollars, sadly many do not own real estate and are experiencing massive debt! With the economic divide becoming more apparent for Black people in America, Dr. Ken is committed now more than ever to continue teaching the importance of financial management. In his latest book release, “The Dreamer: How to Dream through Life’s Disappointments,” Dr. Ken reveals the connection between financial management and the fulfillment of dreams. “When a person’s finances are properly aligned, he or she can pursue their passion. Whether the dream is to own a business, write a book, acquire real estate or even travel, it’s all connected,” he maintains. “However, one can’t truly dream when their finances aren’t in ? order. Being able to dream sparks movement, and when a person is able to dream, he or she is able to move!” “It’s time to start moving toward your passion and God’s purpose. It’s time to start dreaming again!” exclaims Dr. Robinson. Reignite your passion to dream. Purchase your copy today on Amazon. To book Dr. Ken 443-805-5109.

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