Apostle Veryl Howard Set to Host Women Commanding the Airwaves Virtual Conference

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by Apostle Veryl Howard – Washington, D.C. – March 1, 2021 — There is a sound from heaven that God desires from our worship and adoration towards him. The unfortunate thing is many times we hear a regurgitated sound thus not a fresh one. At times artist, Preachers, Evangelist and Prophets sound alike. They say or sing what they think is a hit.  But who is going to the throne room for a now sound? Sound biblically was  so instrumental with respect to victories and movement of the people of God. It was a shout sound at an appointed time Joshua told the people to blurt out for their victory with Jericho. It was a sound in the mulberry trees that God told David to listen to know  when to attack the Philistines. Whatever the sound may be, God has those that he has anointed with His Glory and expects his minstrels to release it at the appointed time he designates. There are people God can trust to carry and recognize his sound. They know when a singer has rested in the Glory of God or just sent them something to appease the ear gates of carnal people with itching ears.

As a radio host now at Faith Star Radio with Global Warriors on the Frontline, God led me to talk to veterans who know the sound when they hear it. God has entrusted them as gate keepers for years. I wanted to glean from them as God uses them. The enemy is known to be the prince of the air. They are women that God has given the ability to decipher Gods sound or a sound mimicking His sound. They know when to play a warfare sound, a sound to destroy a suicide spirit, a sound of worship etc. They are strapped with the ability to hear God speak through his singers we so love.

Brea Miles on Praise 100. 9 FM, Dash, Tap and Indie One Radio, the youngest out the bunch is an expert of God’s urban sound. She is  a praying woman who raps and is called to the younger generation with a gift to motivate and help her audience step up with boldness in Christ.

Annette B from the UK as Radio Owner GX Radio, GX Gold Radio and founder of The GX Awards, brings her International flavor opening up doors for artist across the ocean. 

Bridgett Price of Speak Music Radio who is also a prophetess has the expertise of those bold laced sounds with God’s anointing. She is radical and understands the need for the radical warrior sound whether it comes through worship or praise. She also has a heart for the Indie artist. She is a prophet who hears the voice of God when picking his sounds.

Partice Smith out of Rocky Mount, NC of The Promise Radio 102.5FM WHAA has specialized in a wide range of sounds. Coming from a traditional city though she has  northerner tenacity and is a prayer warrior. She loves sounds that minister to the youth and lifts them from the burdens of a murder or suicidal hopeless spirit.

Drina Penn aka Lady Drina of WOKB and Indie One has been holding it down giving life to the quartet sound while opening up the doors to a plethora of contemporary sounds as well. She is a Stellar Award recipient and shows it with her ear of discernment. She states: “God’s sound has a fragrance” and I look for his smell when picking songs to play.

Pretty Meta Washington at Sirius/XM has an ecliptic background coming from Barbados which has widened her cultural sound. Her NY edge has given her the ability to be very diverse in what she does with a voice that makes demons tremble.

Liz Black of WBLS 107.5FM in NY a major pillar in the music industry has given platforms to choirs, urban contemporary, R & B and pastors. She spearheads a Global prayer platform releasing the sound of God’s prayers from his now prophets.

Min. Cheryl Jackson of Radio One 104.1FM Washington DC/Baltimore, MD who is another Stellar Award recipient has been in the industry setting stages and opportunities for many artists. She has been instrumental in cross promoting God’s sound to the secular arenas through many platforms such as the Blues Bar in Md.

Min. Sheilah Belle aka “The Belle” who is the Mid-Day Personality on Praise 104.7FM Richmond, C.E.O. of The Belle Report and a Broadcast Hall of Famer, has been a conduit for many artists, ministers, actors, politicians, and pastors to have their voice heard globally. She has presented the sound via visuals through the internet as her on-line newspaper The Belle Report as well as through the radio and television. She also produced The Belle Report Radio show now airing from the East Coast to the West Coast and is known for producing some of the largest Gospel Concerts and platforms  which has attracted diverse crowds as well as performers.  Her summer concert, Gospel Music Fest with The Belle has attracted more than 12,000. She knows the sound to cry out to in order to attack the enemy as she is a cancer survivor.

Min. Tracy Morgan another Stellar Award recipient and Broadcasters Hall of Famer has been placing sounds across many state barriers as she is the Week Day Host of Morning Inspirations on Howard University’s WHUR 96.3FM and syndicated Mid-day host on the Rejoice Musical Soul food network. She is also the PD and MD for WBBP in Memphis, TN. She is an icon in the industry who is no nonsense when it comes to airing a distorted sound over the airways. She knows her stuff and when the artist has been before the Lord.

Dr. Pastor Sctonda Kelly Gordan of WNRR 1380AM/93.3FM who God has entrusted to program many stations listens to hear the lifestyle of the song bearer. She is looking for the arrangement from God as her next hit. Hailing from Augusta Ga. like Min. Tracey, she is no joke when it comes to circulating a sound over the airways. Her first Friday events have opened up new audiences for many new and veteran artist.

Last but not least, Dr. Alicia Middleton my Doctoral College graduate classmate is holding it down in Phoenix, Arizona on Uni E TV/Radio. She is partners with Khalil Lundy of the  R & B group Force MD’s.  She is also a licensed life coach and chaplain who is one of my International traveling buddies for Global Ministry work. She can extract a sound that will penetrate both the Gospel and secular arena.

It is amazing what God is doing through these awesome women of God. They are radio angels who are trained by God to help set the precedence for his sound doing this dispensation. They are all movers and shakers in the kingdom of God and highly anointed with what they do.  So please join them and hear how God leads them to pick that next hit, minister through the airways and by all mean command the airways to line up with God. They wear big hats with a big role while allowing God to use them to bless your ears with his sound.

As a General in the army of the Lord and host at Faith Star Radio, God has held me responsible to acknowledge these powerful women of God as they continue to execute their right to release God’s sound to those who listen. Continue to pray for them, they are bold witnesses for Christ!

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