Liberation Church Continues to Grow Beyond the Walls of the Church

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Richmond, VA – Liberation Church has once again shown their true colors in caring for the community.  On Saturday, July 17th the senior pastor of Liberation Church, Jay Patrick, along with several church members and volunteers took to the streets to the spread the love of Jesus.

Pastor Jay Patrick Leads Conversation about Canvassing and ministry in the community

They started their day during a special training session at the church that went over the do’s and don’ts and the most effective ways in connecting with residents.  This was vital as Door to Door ministry targets people of all ages and once that first knock on the door happens, it is then understood to be prepared for anyone of anything on the other side.  However, once the door did open, these disciples for Christ, showed nothing but love, offered assistance and resources that would be provided by Liberation Church if needed and closed out their conversation with the love of Jesus.   

This was truly an extraordinary and beautiful effort by Liberation Church, especially in the times we are living in and for the most part, residents were receptive.

Disciples of Liberation Church knock on neighboring doors
Sheilah Belle “The Belle” also knocked on a few doors in the neighborhood and joined Pastor Jay Patrick and the Liberation Church family in canvassing one of the neighborhoods to share the good news about Jesus Christ, while other church members prepared for a neighborhood cookout

Keep in mind, some homes may be welcoming and some not. However what Liberation Church offered was simply incredible, on top of inviting the community to an afternoon cookout, for free.

Among some of the communities, that Liberation will be canvassing in addition to this month, but also on August 21st and September 18th will include Oakview Mobile Home Park, Belt Atlantic, Woodbriar, Dunston Manor The Park at Forest Hill, Norcroft Townhomes (55+), Forest Square and Southwood.  The goal is to reach 2,076 families.

If you need assistance with food, clothing, furniture or possibly something else, reach out to LiberationRVA at .   They give away food every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:00pm to 4:00p.m.  However if those hours do not work for you, e-mail Pastor Sonny and let him know what does.

In the meantime, consider attending Liberation Church on Saturdays at 6p.m. or for Sunday Morning worship at 10am at 5501 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23225.

For more information about Liberation, go to